About Us

1. History of Development :

  From 1995, Zemfons started to run filtering products and established Shenzhen factory in 2002, Suzhou factory in 2014. Now the total factory area is 11,000, 5000 in Shenzhen and 6000 m² in Suzhou. We have over 110 employees, manufacture about 10 million filters of all kinds per year, the annual turnover is nearly 50 million RMB.

2. Product scope:

  Including liquid filtration and air filtration, over 50 products and several hundred specifications and types.

3. Product Category:

    PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridges                                                   Melt Blown Filter Papers (Membrane)

    Pleated Micro Membrane Filter Cartridges                                 String Wound Filter Cartridges